Oh my Gawsh! Recently I have been obsessing over vintage cameras, and the one above is a defo one I'm saving up for £75 form amazon, £85 from Urban Outfitters, it's a vintage styled lomogrpahy camera! The three magazine spreads are from Super Super magazine and Love magazine, they are both fab. Super super focus' on weird and quirky things such as above; 'GaGa stole our style', and is more indie based. Where as Love magazine is what I'd call edgy with beautiful photography, and always has a message combined;  so beautiful it got me into photography more so than ever; hence now buying a range of cameras. Plus I want to change me name to JEZEBEL, even though its not associated with the best description, but it's beautiful!

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Super Super magazine
Super Super magazine
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7 Special Thoughts

  1. LOVE the new header image for your blog :)

  2. geez the doll with sliver dress is so cute

  3. really love your new header!
    and love magazine is such a beauty <3

    Vintage Stop at

  4. Ahahaha that picture of the twins made me LOL
    And hey, my middle name is Jezebel! :D
    Thankyou so much for being my 55th follower :)
    I'm trying very hard to get to 100.. Hehe
    Love your blog, so I'm following
    Bonnie x

  5. Replying back to your reply comment:
    My parents weren't necessarily gothy, but they are quite punk. Well, my mum is. My dad's a bit anarchaic. (If that's a word..)
    And yeah, Panda's blog is awesome!
    She's one of my best friends xxx

  6. WOW I love your blog. Thankyou for your comment. I saw this camera and fell in love with it :) If only I had money!

  7. Love your blog! its edgy yet pretty at the same time! nose ring suits you too (only awesome people suit nose rings.. wink wink(i have one too))

    new follower :)


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