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Kind of a bit late, but last week I featured in the Sunday times style magazine's best dressed! So I thought i'd do a little post, on a selection of newspaper articles,  where Fashion Wizards has been featured in, whom Izzy and Olivia have featured in too. Also I've dyed my hair plum colour, a bit patchy....but does the job ;), picture doesn't really show off the full colour, eventually better pics will be up. Plus now I'm going to start to reply to all the comments left, so please follow/ comment/hype!

Radio times

Galactic background image for first 2 images from 'Galactic center, Chandra x-ray observatory' -http://news.thomasnet.com/IMT/galactic_print2.jpg

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6 Special Thoughts

  1. You looked lovely in the sunday style magazine! it was so exciting seeing you in it. :P
    well done. x

  2. LOVE the sunday picture. amazing outfit!

  3. gorgeous! i loved your outfit in the feature, congrats!

    xx raez

  4. i love the second outfit so much. you are very brave with colors

  5. You are marv- congratulations on the press, you deserve it.

  6. I love this outfit Izzy, great stuff! x


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