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Long time no blog! Sorry I have been occupied with GCSE, oh joy. Well anyway I will make sure I keep up with the blogging. As you know it was New York Fashion week, and now London Fashion week. Christopher Kane showed this week at London, with a fabulous mix match of textures, decades and designs. From 1950's like suits, mixed with neons and plastic aesthetics, keeping it fresh and contemporary for the summer, with flip flop liked heels, and bold prints. It was new but similar to many other SS collection from Christopher Kane. The SS collections at the moments have a  key element of a mix match of texture ,which I  LOOOOVEEEEE! The mix match of textures, complimented by mix matching with the garment style, plastic being key. Which reminds me I must get my photo shoot done for my collection! Plus; trying to get a new camera any suggestions???

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Lastly an outfit post ;):

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5 Special Thoughts

  1. I am obsessed with the shoes from this collection. The only thing I don't like is the Asian type print. It reminds me of Ed Hardy and those fake tattoo shirts.

  2. love your outfit and the photo! love the shoes, id recommend just going to a camera shop and asking them cause people will normally just suggest the camera they own without having any frame to judge from. Just realised that im on your blog roll, tyy!!

  3. love christopher kane; each of his collections is so contrasting and inspired!
    you look gorgeous and your outfit is great... the effect is cool :)
    UO x

  4. love your outfit, wheres your necklace from?
    Cute blog btw - i'm following :) x

  5. Absolutely mindblowing collections....These are so stylish and trendy too...Shoes are gorgeous!!!!its making me to go for a shopping!!! I like the last shot...She looks so hot with her costume..


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