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As I have said in previous posts, I was doing filming over the summer Holidays for 'Fashion Wizards'.  Due to the this blog Started, the production company found my blog and asked me to fill in a form, do a intro video, and if all that went well, go to the audition. Surprisingly I got asked to come along to the audition! So I appeared at the audition day, nervous as hell! Early start, and well I'm not a morning person. Though as soon as I got there, I was shocked to see who was there, in the sea of young kids, was Union Olivia! It was so exciting to finally meet the amazing blogger, kept me entertained through the whole day of waiting. We were called out one by one to do little videos, many of the kids went to Stagcoach, and I had no experience of professional acting; which added to the nerves. Later another 14 yr old turned up, when I saw her I thought 'OH MY GOSH, the competition has got harder!', and she looked like a Glamizon, she was another blogger Izzy; who has an amazing blog (check it out ;)). What amazed me was I got through to the final four; I was 'Wowed' out of my mind; this lead to an o amount of opportunities, and at the end we all made a mini collection! Now that is all I shall spill now due to copyright reasons but it is being screened this Friday; from 3:55pm (assuming it shall be repeated); please tune in to see Izzy, Olivia and I. Pleaise don't be put off by Disney, it's not all cheese, I kept to an edgy inspired style ;).

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