And so Summer Begins


The SS11 shows have begun, it seems so odd as it now just feels like Autumn; though this is the way of the fashion Industry, 'Fashion Forward'.

One of the collections I have seen is Alexander Wang's. Absolutely breath taking. The painted white hair, matched to the garments, so fresh, reminded me so much of the 90's...Though what made it really to my liking as the mixture of fabrics; which is a key technique of mine, and mixing it with older styles. On top of this keeping it relaxed at the same time. The tones very much consisted of pastels and light tones, as summer does, of pastel greens, to yellows to whites; a beautiful mixture.

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4 Special Thoughts

  1. Gorgeous collection! glad to see Alex trying something new other than moto jackets and leather for the spring. Its so refreshing! Love that photo of Agyness. :)

  2. Gosh, I am sorry I haven't been to visit in a while! But I love the new layout! Very fresh.
    Mmm, the collection looks beautiful. But I must not think of such things... Winter is good. Summer is bad.
    UO x

  3. Great photos! I'm loving your blog...def following x

  4. LOVE your blog, finally delurking to share this vintage bag giveaway with you!


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