I think i maybe a shoeoholic


Quick post! Sorry for the lack of posting, I have been so busy plus stressed but all will be revealed soon! Anyhow being  a sucker for vintage, I couldn't resist these beauties. First of all the amazing 70's midnight blue sequin heels, I feel like the Punky version of Dorothy in them, clicking the heels to the phycadelic home of the 70's ;). Last of all my gorgeous office school shoes; a mix between brogues and Loafers, with the to tone, it adds a whole edge to it. I've just got one word...
S H O E S!

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8 Special Thoughts

  1. the second pair of shoes are beautiesssss! <3

    Vintage Stop at www.vickileestyle.blogspot.com

  2. Um Izzy, I think you need to donate those last pair of shoes to me... or maybe the creepers :D WELL DONE AGAIN, LOVELY! I added a photo on my blog and linked you, but d'you want me to put the catwalk photos on fb? xxxxx

  3. Love these!

    Just came across your blog! :)


  4. I love the second pair! thought i would never miss buying school shoes but i really do!

    thanks for following me!


  5. I love the first pair!!!!!!!!! dude i am with u-i have too many shoes to count.hahaha

  6. those brogues are so so beautiful, so jealous that you found such good quality ones in a vintage store. Loving your banner btw!

  7. Hello There! How’s it going? Interesting post/blog indeed!

    Love Heels?

    I really think that you’ll enjoy viewing my shoe design BlogSpot! All my designs happen to be hand-drawn too! Check it out and let me know what you think? Take care x



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