Dres-UniQlo, Shoes-Asos, jumper- Topshop, Necklace- gift, flower- found lying round the house

Wearing neon is always the most fun. I feel like a mix between Carrie Bradshaw and Gwen Stefani- it's fabulous, even though it can drive some people a bit 'bananas'. SS12 is full of sporty aesthetics, so I decided to run into it. However, this was a school look- so it's a bit more boring than usual, hence the editing (normally at school, we wear a brown mud/diarrhea coloured uniform). Plus note the clear pink clutch, it's actually my exam pencil case (hence the highlights and my cute USB stick, etc)- it's quite chic, oui? God knows how I'll cope next year being able to wear my own clothes- I literally cannot wait. Plus it means more outfit posts! (yaaaaaaay!). Anyhow, I could help but add the flower- a bit of 60's and 70's flower power can never go wrong. Especially, in the months of revision when a bit of relaxation is needed-I have had the Zombies on non-stop over the last week. I'm feeling perhaps Wednesday Adams, and a mix of bohemian grunge tomorrow? Oh well, you'll see soon enough. Izzy xo

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9 Special Thoughts

  1. Love it! cute touch with the pencil case-old skool! :) x

  2. I really like the colors and layering but... Wednasday Addams takes two d's!
    Anyway I really like neon too, but don't own much neon clothes.
    I also really like you're haircut!

  3. you look so lovley in the irst picture. And same I cannot wait to wear my own clothes to school. But I have one more year of uniform x

  4. Love neon! you look great!

  5. pretty first picture and i love your shoes in the second photo!

  6. Love this outfit and post, it's so Spring! :)

  7. Flowers show our love and feelings!!


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