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Shirt-Zara, Dress- All Saints( bought from TKMAX for just £17, originally £145!!)-Trousers-Topshop (bought for a £1 at a crboot sale), brogues-Clarkes, socks-Asos, bag-?, denim jacket-Mum's A bit of Gothic fun. I've always been one for goths, coming from a family where both parents were part of the original goth clans of the 80's. SO let's just say there's always a bit of Susie Sioux and Wednesday Adams prancing around my mind. I finally managed to purchase some dark purple lipstick which guided the rest of the outfit, I went for a mish-mash of textures, which was montaged through the AW13 catwalks. Can you believe it, I've actually posted with less than a few days in between, let alone a week?! Hope you all had a fab Easter! Izzy xo P.S did a little gothic edit (couldn't resist!) black and white edit

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16 Special Thoughts

  1. cool!!!

  2. Love all the layered textures, you look stunning, like something straight off a Zambesi or NomD runway.
    X Jane

  3. I love this look. So goth...

    <3 Una

  4. Amazing blog! Thank you for visiting :) I'll follow you =]

  5. i love that cute little pink bag!

  6. great outfit and I love how you've found a very suitable background xx
    P.S your hair is soo nice

  7. Sweetie I`m watching your blog for a while! Maybe you wanna follow each other? just announce me :X

  8. Your style is AMAZING! Love the romantic-meets-Gothic vibe! Following you! =)

  9. You look amazing!! I love your goth look... the purple lipstick makes me die of happiness inside (dont judge purple is awesomeness)...

  10. Your hair is so beautiful, I am so jealous of it. I wish my hair was that long & healthy!
    Little Petite

    1. I love the beautiful mix of textures, colours etc in this outfit. Just too perfect!
      Flower x

  11. thanks for the comment babe (: love the blog !!

    xxxx Effy <3

  12. your so stylish and trendy!


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