Snowing florescents



Hat- Ski shop ?, earring-Topshop, Headband-Accesorize, parker-TKMAX, dress-Topshop, shirt-Charity shop, necklace-market, treggings-H&M, boots-Sports Direct (hahaha)

Over the last week I've battled the juxtaposition of the heat and snow of Austria. Plus a 16 hour coach journey- I think that one explains itself. Besides all of that the skiing was amazing, as were the mountainous views- it was as if my tumblr dashboard had come to life. So with the guilt of lack of blog posting, I changed into a bloggable outfit. A bit too hipster? I tried to contrast the stereotypical and iconic hipster accessories; i.e a Nike item and bobble hat with a pretty delicate dress, shirt and accessories, along with walking boots. SS12 was snowing down through my mind after countless reading of magazines on the coach, so a bit of Mary Katrantzou, Jeremy Scott and Diane Von Furstenberg. Anyhow look forward to a blizzard of style and skiing snaps over the next few days.

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26 Special Thoughts

  1. this outfit is amazing <3 x

  2. You're like a walking painting! All these mixes of colours and combinations, bloody incredible stuff. I'm envious of those fantastic views also.

  3. I love all the colours in this outfit!
    And that jacket is divine!

  4. I love the floral print of the dress and the orange!
    I hope you are having a fantastic Easter weekend!

  5. fantastic outfit and pics

  6. I love hoe you've managed to look so bright and flourescent but still be practical x

  7. Hello! I just found your blog and I think it's AMAZING! The pics are great and I can see that You really like what you do here! I love people with great ideas, like you!
    Your blog is inspiring! I will follow you!

  8. wow, what a great style! im following you now ;)

    love from germany

  9. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog, I'm so glad I found yours because oh my, it's amazing. I love your sense of style and your quirkily colourful outfits, following you now. Totally in love with what you're wearing.
    X Jane

  10. This is definitely not too hipster!! This is one of my favorite outfits ever!!

  11. What a beautiful outfit! The colors work perfectly together!

  12. I thought this was an editorial from a magazine!! You look amazing, stunning styling!

  13. Hi, Ms. Izzy! I so love this post of yours. Even though you dress anything, you still look fabulous and beautiful! :) Thanks also for your comment on my blog. :) Come check it out again and if you like what you see, follow my blog as well, just like what I did on your blog. :) Thanks! :)


  14. Very nice outfit! You've got a great style! :)

    See you soon!

  15. SO COOL! This is the sickest blog post ive seen in a while. Absolutly love it! Keep up the good work babe.

    Make sure you follow us back :)

  16. Wow super great outfit, so particular :D

    Kisses, Elly

  17. Your outfit is really cool! Love your blog..

  18. what a bright look ^^ wow ^^

    thx for ur comment on my blog =)
    wanna follow each other? =)

  19. neon colours look so good on you! so jealous, i've always wanted to go skiing, hope it was good :)

    i've changed my blog name, hope you check it out oxox

  20. Thank you!
    Love your style <3

  21. I love this outfit!!


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