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After coming across the Motel Fall 2011 collection on the blogosphere; I felt a certain urge to share it with you. There's something quite raw about it, it somehow reminds me of the Australian fashion scene- especially with the slightly done hair. The collection is fabulous for the AW11 trends, from androgynous shapes mixed with 1940's vibes to some 90's popculture references. Though suddenly the reference to the dress of the season (for me) appeared...the...*drum roll* PRADA MONDRIAN DRESS (referencing Yves Saint Laurent). Not only the Prada, beloved Rodarte vibes flooded through the collection- with neat but raw styling. Prada and Rodarte mixed together~~how could you say no?~~

Plus the giveaway is now open till the 30th July, so keep on entering! (plus this is a no comment post; as I've just returned form D of E-so I'm absolutely wrecked!) 

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