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Back to Vlogging finally ( a bit disappointed with the quality of the video, considering it took 276 mins to upload)! I've decided to do a series of videos about best places to go for bargains: ebay, car boot sales, charity shops etc. At the end of the series, I'll conclude where's the best place to go; where you find the most interesting pieces, cheapest pieces and so on.

Now as for the video, I do mention something about a 50's skirt, and I couldn't remember the name at time time! So here it is: Parachute skirt.

I'd love to know your thoughts and opinions on the video; so comment, or if you want you can email me!

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17 Special Thoughts

  1. hehe.....great vid and quality isn't bad at all:)
    Love your thrift finds especially the tartan skirt..I think you'll wear it perfectly...!!!

  2. Oh dear Izzy! I just can't get enough of your sweet british accent!
    I'm actually in London at the moment (and will be until this saturday, so that's not for much longer) and I LOVE it!
    Oh my dear god! I'm so sad that we're only here for 4 days :(
    Today we've been on Oxford Street and in Beyond Retro, which was really nice (of course), but as we were driving home through London (BIG mistake, we should NOT have taken the car!), we passed Buckingham palace where there was a GAZILLION people standing outside, and we caught a glimpze of a big screen with something that looked like Harry Potter, and now I googled it and saw that it was something about a "special screening" or something like that, of the last movie. very interesting ;D

    Well back to your AMAZING vlog. I love your vlogs, they are so interesting, and just keep them coming ^^ It wasn't bad quality at all, but I was wondering what camera you use? :)


  3. hey lovely! do you have a youtube channel?! cause if you do, you definitely got me intrigued enough to subscribe :) xoxo

  4. THAT DRESS IS ADORABLE!!!! Seriously, I want a green dress with stars all over it! gold stars! I am totally envious of your amazing finds!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  5. Goodness your knowledge on fashion bloody amazes me, lovely video!

  6. Great buys! I love bargain shopping (partially because that's about the only kind of shopping I can afford)! Looking forward to seeing more vlogs about bargain shopping! P.S. Those glasses are fabulous!

  7. can't believe i've only just discovered your blog! i'll be stalking in the future x

  8. You have such a gorgeous blog! You had commented mine a while back, but I have only started and as such is naiive to this technology business, definitely going to keep an eye in the future.


    PS heavy love your style

  9. First of all: You are amazing. Your style is so cool and you look so lovely, it's all just so cool!
    The video's perfect! I'm constantly spending all my money on clothes and ending up broke, so this is great haha
    You probably get this a lot, but: could you please check out my blog and give me some advice on how to get better? It would mean the world to me

  10. Oh i loved this video, a lot of love for bloggers that vlog! Great purchases and bargains!
    Thankyou for your comment lovely xx

  11. I am always so envious of people who do vlogs, you all are so comfortable and confident in front of the camera! I love it, keep doing what you're doing, you rock! :)


  12. love the dress and trousers btw

  13. love it and love you and your amazing style and vlogging skills! x

  14. Such a great video! You're so cute! Like your glasses and shirt in this video... I've never heard of vlogging before. Love it!

  15. wow so great bargains, esp that green dress! and oh my god you're beautiful, love your look :) i just realized that i'm not your reader, though i've visited your blog often - well now i am! :)


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