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My dear dear followers, now I know the blog layout has changed, and I can't change it back, as of Bloggers new template designer; SO ANNOYING! And the new designs aren't as spacious! Okay, sorry a bit of moaning there. Anyways please place your vote in the poll on the right for new blog design! 

Well I met up with my friend Cora; we had a rather coooool day, bought some funky fabrics. I shall do a post on that later, once i've made my design, which consists of vintage lace sleeves, and spandex...don't worry it's not as disastrous as it sounds ;). Here are a few pics of our day; while chilling ;):


Little Cora
A beautiful Sunset we enjoyed
I think I look weird

Insane zip-wire times

This is ma favvvvvveeeeee; so so so so so pretty of cora!
Sun for an eye? How cool would that be?!

Lookbook post ;)

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7 Special Thoughts

  1. love your outfit and that last photo especially is amazing!

  2. i really love your cardigans. i tried to change my layout and i can't anymore which is so annoying.

  3. You look amazing, not weird at all :)

  4. nice nice, love you blog !we can put it in ours ? (on blogs bar )

  5. Hey Izzy - WHY ARE YOU SO GORGEOUS? Makes me saaaad. Hahah.
    But dude. Please, Get ugly. :) Super jacket - where from? You might wanna check out my blog, I got back from devon, and I've done a new post. + Thanks for your lovely comment, sorry for the late reply... I'm so busy! Panda xxx

  6. i absolutely love your outfit! the boots with the socks are awesome :]



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