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Votes were pretty close, but well it turned out to be a 'Nay' to the new blog design, and well I in some ways agree, and trust me I've wanted a bigger layout. So I'm thinking of moving...wordpress, tmblr? I really need something that shows off the images, after all this is a fashion blog! But do not fret, I shall keep looking through their templates and see what I can do...;)

And here is some insane make up I did over the weekend, and also the song I'm addicted to ;) :

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8 Special Thoughts

  1. Don't move! Find the template that suits you (:

    and you look insane, and i like the new layout :)
    Have you started filming yet? email me!
    Panda xx
    + sorry for the long wait, as I'm on holiday, I'm only replying to a few comments, but i will be posting still

  3. dEaR iZzY,
    if you dont like the templates by blogger, there are websites like shabby there is a link on my blog. i would be horribly sad if you moved! you were my first non family member follower! :) thank you by the way. :) LoVe yOur bLoG! the makeup rocks!


  4. Your blog is very cute! Loved your last post a lot.

  5. Nonono, the problem isn't the layout or the sizes or anything, it's just that you have to use HIGHER QUALITY IMAGES. Like your header. The eyes are pretty but the image quality sucks.
    Also the blog design colours kinda...suck too.

    I still love the content of your blog though! Keep it going :)
    And don't move!!!!

  6. don't move! or if you do, keep blogspot and have a tumblr! as soon as i'm getting a new camera, that's what i'm doing :)

  7. This makeup is so wonderful! It is very theatrical...
    Love the blog. :)
    feel free to drop by/follow
    much blogger love,

  8. The make up is really cool!


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