I have been so busy recently filming for a TV programme, can't say what it is for copyright reason, but it's to do with fashion, so that's the reason for lack of posting! Also I was in Topshop yesterday on Oxford Street, and we got evacuated! The alarms suddenly went off while I was in the toilet, and about a few thousand people flooded out. Plus I saw Diana Vickers!! Now due to busy schedule, I shall leave you with some beautiful exclusive AW10  collection images by Louis Vuitton. Beautiful, and emphasising 'more is less'.

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9 Special Thoughts

  1. liking the new lv collection!
    omg wow, they have toilets in topshop?

    Vintage Stop at

  2. Loving the collection!
    aha, i love diana vickers :)

  3. congrats on the tv program! lucky! :)

  4. Dazed Digital? Dazed and confused? Best mag in the wooooorld! But, wow, she's a stunner AND I love the second dress. Panda xx

  5. evacuating topshop is like evacuating a football stadium! omg I would be scared haha

  6. those photos are gorgeous :) that made me laugh , "evacuating while on the toilet". tehe :)

  7. i'm excited about the tv programme! (;

  8. oooh, is this for "Fashion Wizards"? well done you!! :D


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