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As you know it's the Summer Holidays; which means free time ;)! Well anyway that gave me time to do some creative making! Also an opportunity to post garments I had made before. So I'm going to post different Garments every day or so.

What I've made:

Recently I decided to do a 'sustainable Fashion' garment, so I used this Raincoat. I knew I wouldn't use it again; and wanted to make use out of it; and suddenly I had a brain Wave. I made a skirt and cropped raincoat jacket. I thought it would be quite interesting to play around with the texture of raincoats, to make something different and unusual. The skirt was made to be tulip shaped, and used the draw strings to make the waist band ;).


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5 Special Thoughts

  1. Those are fabulous! You must wear them together at the same time; it would be a like a raincoat suit! Aaah, I'm in love. Well done!
    UO x

  2. The raincoat jacket looks good and fashionable. It will sell believe me.

  3. thats really amazing! not just really amazing but super amazing, the zip is simple but it adds so much more detail!
    following, follow me back?
    much lovexx

  4. You are really talented, some great ideas and I love the end result!

    Ella Jasmine


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