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Hi again! I'm back from the ordeal of A-Levels, and now ready to blog away again doing art day to day having started an Art Foundation Course at Kingston University. As time has lapsed, I have become extremely interested in gender ambiguous clothing, with the likes of JW Anderson, Martin Margeila to Elena Crehan exploring genderless identities.

Thus, I experimented with clashing subcultures, focusing on Dolly Kei and Straight Edgers to create a new genderless look - creating a Dolly Kei fairytale aesthetic juxtaposed on the male Straight Edger form. The concept of Straight Edger rejection was combined with the playful dreamlike qualities of Dolly Kei, to create a new subculture 'Molly', rejecting adolescence to live in their own fairytale world.

The next post will feature the zine I also created inspired from the concept, with other posts to look forward to inspired by the current Russian rebels. 

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  1. Okay this is amazing. YOU did these pictures? Oh my. Okay wow. Very impressed. Ah!
    I'm also really fascinated by gendered clothing at the mo. I just- ah. These are just dreamy. I'm in love!


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