Headpiece- Primark and vintage, Dress- M&S, Lace overall- Vintage

With the Asian trend for SS13 going to Morroco seemed to fit in well. Even though it is actually in Africa, its aesthetic appears as a less saturated version of Oreiental visuals- along with the similar blasting heat. I took on this correlation,  by creating a softer version of Asian aesthetics with floaty fabrics, however still layered as seen with the Prada SS13 collection. However, pop-culture always a dominant role. Lana Del Rey yet again is one of the summer anthems, so taking inspiration from the album cover I couldn't help wear a floral head garland, which too feature in t raditional Asian designs. 

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5 Special Thoughts

  1. Great outfit, you're definitely rocking the Morrocan oriental look!

    It looks like you're having a great time there too (slightly jealous haha), how long are you in Morocco for? :)

    A Chic Lifestyle

  2. looks like an amazing trip xx

  3. hhey, i just came back from morocco, too!

  4. You looking so sweet in this dress and also this Morocco climate.

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