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New York. I don't have to even begin to tell you any more before images of twinkling night lights glimmer through your head. The lights seem to be the only (almost) still sight in New York, for as they say 'New York never sleeps'. It may sound all a bit of a cliche- but it honestly does feel like that (which sounds like even more of a cliche). Taking those characteristics of New York on, I went to bed at 1am and woke up at 7am in order to get most things done. So to conclude it all, I'll just quickly tell you in list form what I did (thought that would sound even more chaotic!)-arrived in New York via bus at 2pm, checked in at the Waldorf Astoria, ventured on a Downtown tour bus, went up the empire state, went to bed, woke up, took a ferry cruise, visited the fabulous and trendy Soho, visited Greenwich village, had an evening meal, took a night tour, went to bed and woke up again, went uptown through the upper East side (where Gossip Girl was filmed), visited the Googenheim museum, went to the Harry Potter exhibit, saw Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, went to bed and woke up again, visited Moma... and then took the bus home. Of course there was lots of shopping in between, helping my imagination picture being part of Sex and the City. One bit of advice I have to offer is if you go to New York in the summer, visit Bryant Park in the evening- there is such a comforting ambience floating about.

P.S. Currently blogging in Hurricane Irene! 

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  1. I WANT THAT STOOL. its so unique. loved all the pictures too.


    xo kait

  2. Oh my goodness, this looks amazing Izzy! I want to go now. I think we were planning to go to on a little trip there and I've always been a bit dismissive about it because I've got a fear of flying!

    Lots of Love,
    Lily at Red Brick Lipstick

  3. So want to go to new york, got friends living there... stay safe


  4. beautiful pics!!!

  5. wow!! new york literally looks magical! i've always wanted to go there :)

  6. New York!!! Ahh I am so jealous right now. I would love to go. I live in New Zealand so it's quite expensive to travel that far but hopefully in the next few years I'll get a chance to go.

  7. You've done so much already! Amazing photos.

  8. I am SO JEALOUS. I've always longed to go to New York, my family always seem to book holidays somewhere else, however much I beg them haha. Its such a beautiful place, just looking at those night photos gave me butterflies! Good luck, hope you and the family are safe - I've got a few friends In the hurricane too. Keep us updated, Panda xxx

  9. Your pictures always inspire me!!

    Don't work too hard:)
    Take care of yourself, Izzy.

  10. Seems lke an amazing trip to New York! I've never been to Soho but you make it sound so nice, I guess i'm going to have to go. :) Stay safe in Irene!! :D x

  11. Nice pics!


  12. New york is beautiful !

    love the pics.Awesome shot.

    Follow me .

  13. Ok, wow. Amazing photographs xx

  14. Great pictures, so jealous you got to go to NYC. Can't wait until I get to go, got to wait until February though :( I'm now following you


  15. wow sounds like great fun,I also went to new york and boston,but had a couple of weeks to explore.I did a post about it,2nd post back .but NY is amazing isnt it so so cant wait to get back xxx

  16. that beltshop looks amazing!

  17. The last pictures are amazing!

  18. i <3 new york! (:



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