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Long time no blog! Time flies by when you're on holiday- and you know you're on holiday when you forget what day it is-hence why I haven't updated in so long. I've been dipping my way into pools, lakes and the sea. I managed to do some quick retail therapy in Boston, and bought a few items in UO (photos to come later this week). Fashion has been a bit aloof for the past week, but fear not New York is to come. The most 'Artsy' outing that I've done in the past week has been visiting a craft fair. Now being honest, some craft works are absolutely pure tack-such as non intentional religious iconography. Though you do find a few quirky bits&bobs lying around-including Amy Winehouse decorative pieces (though I guess that could also be considered tacky). Plus this is a disabled comment post, as I'm hoping to post very soon again! 

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