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Exams are still droning on. I am literally a walking corpse. Exams mean most of my spare time is spent with my head in a book, rather than doing more fahion orinetated activities*sigh*. So maybe that's what led to these photos? Yes it's about all those cheesy, cringey and cliche attributes attached to teenage sterotypes (I like to call it the 3c's-this is what revision has resulted in, easy 'note form' ways to remember things). I always try to restrain myself from falling into the trap of teen angst, but I guess we are all living an aspect of a stereotype in someway. I certainly think I'm living the stereotype of the 3c's. So, as usual with all this in mind, I threw a bit of the 90's in. Thinking of Clueless, Nivarna, Jil Sander and Comme des Garcons. 

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  1. loooove these pics!!!!

  2. hey girl! :) looking cute lol.
    I love these pictures!

    I so get you! Exams suck big time thankfully I'm already on my Summer vacation just enjoying.
    I'm done with all those high school stuff because I graduated already!

    Well, hang in there!

    xoxo, Bree

  3. You look so great !
    love it !

  4. Just keep working at it, it'll be over soon enough! Your photographs are wonderful also.

  5. love your wall collage thing and the title reminds me of a mighty boosh song but i suppose after a while we all get caught in stereotypes x

  6. Love the outfit, and Clueless references are always good!
    Eurgh exams, hideous. GCSE'S? If so they're not too bad! Although I did mine when it was super sunny, which made it so much nicer..

  7. your exams must be nearly over by now? the wait will be worth it (especially once the sun actually shines) wearing a tiara while revising will help, i'm sure (:

  8. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I love the tiara! so cute


  9. Nice glasses. And also the stripes. I heart stripes. xx

  10. lovely glasses!!!

    xx Marina

  11. Love the dark filter. Yes, teenagers are mostly just angst and 'why doesn't anyone understand me?' Because you're behaving like a hormonal idiot! That's why. Whew. Those tights are sweet though!

  12. i love the outfit, really does remind me of CDG.hope your exams went well:)

  13. I love your sense for style most girl are simply boring I always enjoy your outfits

  14. So cool! Love it :) First photo is amazing!


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