Deers are plastic.


The shirt underneath the jacket is  by H&M, and grey socks by H&M, creepers from Office, and boots from primark, all other garments by me.

Well as said before I went to Richmond Park to do the photoshoot for my mini collection. It was based behind a concept of the victorian era becoming modernised, with use of differnt fabrics, such as  plastic ( a favourite of mine), to knitwear and sequins. All done with a gothic twist, keeping dark tones, which all matched with the victorian era. To develop this collection further I would have loved to have made a crinoline out of chains, but to be placed on top of the skirt or even trousers/leggings; sadly being a GCSE student time is of the essence (at the moment I'm doing Art homework!), and obviously made a bigger collection.The shirt underneath the jacket is  by H&M, and grey socks by H&M, creepers from Offic, and boots from primark, all other garments by me.  Look out for some of these pieces to be coming to the online store, such as the bow, skirt and jacket! Plus Making a link where you can see all the shoot photos- so hard to select them all!
Any questions or further comments; more than happy to answer- mail me at!

All images copyright of 'All swamped In flowers'

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25 Special Thoughts

  1. amazing pictures !

  2. wow amazing pictures, love the eye lashes!

  3. love these photographs, the austere focus in them and the plastic works really well!

  4. Jheeez, Orla looks like a model! I honestly did not recognise her, I am soo shocked, she looks amazing! Jheez!

    Great post, and thank you for commenting Izzy!

    CAT xx

  5. what amazing pictures!! you are so creative - im loving all of them. following you :)

    visit/follow me

  6. this is amazing, i actually thought i was looking at a magazine shoot! great work - it looks like you put a lot of time and effort into it all :) x

  7. Omg.. Awesome shootint!
    I totally follow you!

  8. amazing shoot!
    following your blog now!

  9. Wow these pieces are incredible, at first when I was scrolling down I really thought they were professional photos. Such amazing work!!! Congrats. I love all the little details such as the lashes.
    Now following your blog, would love you to stop by if you have the chance.

  10. Amazing!! beautiful pictures!
    take a look at my blog if you want!

    xxxx Marisa :)))

  11. Gosh... I love the photos, they are so stunning! <3


  12. WOw, great photos! Great blog! I'm new and following (:

  13. Amazing images, I especially like the one featuring the inside of a tree. I love the eyelashes too, I think you've really captured your subject well.

  14. Amazing blog, thanks for checking out mine. These photos are great!

  15. ok i genuinely thought this was a proffesional shoot, from a magazine or something. my favourite is the eye patch/ venician mask x

  16. thanks for following and the sweet comment dear. <3 awesome photos. ps following you. :)

  17. :D NO WAY!! I watched you on Fashion wizards, you were my favourite, And vie just found your blog :)
    i've looked at your older posts, i think they're great and i would love for you to check out my blog?

    QueenBee; xx

  18. What magical photos! They look so professional! :)

  19. Great great great photos. Seriously these are so rad. The cut on that jacket is so great! Following :)

  20. cute blog! I’ll follow you!
    I have a fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers on bloglovin:-)

  21. What a wild, wonderful, creative blog!! Thanks for following me. I started following you right away but was so busy to write. I wanted to tell you I am so jealous and excited by the feathers in this shoot! I have a thing for feathers, which is why I sell them. That way I am surrounded by them! The eyelashes are amazing and creative. And I love that fairytale tree! You look like a fairy standing inside it!! Too cool!

    Gypsy G

  22. Wow those lashes are so cool!
    Great pics!


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