You are probably sick to death of AW11 posts, but I thought I'd put you through the joy of seeing one again- my top 3 collections so far (I'm still waiting for Viktor and Rolf).

Where do I start? Lavish fabrics and textures; snakeskin, fur, wool, sequins to plastic. It was as if God had answered my prayers to my dream purchases (however, I can't afford any of it; well at least I can sit here, and stare and drool). The collection seemed to progress through the decades of glam woman; from 50's shapes to shapes familiar of today. One piece that progressed with every styled outfit were fur flapperesque hats--maybe to suggest an idea of a lack of innocence in glamour since the 1920's? However, the collection was innocent. Fabrics were taken out of their usual home sweet home shapes: such as snakeskin shoes to plastic cocktail dresses, all just above the knee. The collection consisted of dress that were mainly straight up and down, rather than the known sensual Prada shapes; suggesting 60's dolly bird dresses. Some of the dresses even referenced to the Yves Saint Laurent Mondrian dress; with block shapes. All evoking simplicity in a futuristic way; maybe it's Miuccia Prada's vision of the new glam woman? (I could ramble on, but then you probably wouldn't even look through the other two collections below.)

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As soon as I opened the page I was in ore. I felt like a dozen Oompa Loompas had transformed into beautiful, simplistic and wearable garments. The models walked on to the catwalk, and then put on their coat on. It reminded me of those sweets that revealed something inside that matched to the outer sweetness, or like dressing easter eggs (complimented by the yellow chick fur jacket). It was everything but reminiscent of winter. 60's shapes were fluid through the whole collection made out of preppy knits or lace: argyle and plaid, with matching floral designs. The colours were key to the collection, with candy blues, yellows, pinks and purples; making the flirty thigh length dresses even sweeter. Now, normally I'm not one for wearable collections, but I feel that's what made this collection even more jaw-drippingly beautiful- the simplicity. I now just cannot wait to wear my newly purchased faux fur easter egg purple jacket, with a matching coloured skirt (that I found whilst cleaning the house of mess that I live in today- sorry just had to mention it, I'm actually so proud that my room is for once nearly tidy).

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(Read on and you'll see why I put in the end photo with the shrine like objects.)
Meadham Kirchoff 
We all remember Meadham Kirchoff's colour bursting collection of SS11, well this collection was completely the opposite. A mass collection familiar to last season was put away, and AW11 was a shrunken collection of 25 outfits; both menswear and womenswear- but by no means not as interesting. The models trooped down the runway, in very similar garments, and of a very small number; this was due to uniformity being the key theme. Then a possible inspiration flashed to me. Puritan. A witch printed jumper, crosses, and matching garments; though wait for it, there's more...the models walked around what seemed to be shrines of some sort- possibly to symbolise worship. From vibrant red garments to a progression of black, and some of the garments seemed to have been styled back to front. (Weird Arty Farty talk about to begin). This could have been done to suggest the dark side, maybe they had been seen to be Witches (think of the crucible), hence the witch printed jumper (gosh I want that jumper sooo bad). Could this theme have been chosen due to fashion trends being a uniform for some people, having the power to manipulate them?

Well now I'll let you ponder on these collections- there's a lot to ponder about. 

Plus feel free to email me at izzy.dot@btinternet.com for any comments about these collections, or your favourites, or just maybe a little review? 

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29 Special Thoughts

  1. I love all of these!! Especially Prada!!
    Great post!!

  2. Hi, Izzy. I was looking forward you to posting new one!

    I love these red clothes. <3

  3. I love the first two outfits in this image.

    :X And....[Gasp] I fugging love Viktor and Rolf. I can't wait to see what they have in store.

    Castle Fashion

  4. I'm still waiting for Viktor&Rolf as well. They always manage to shock me every season. Meadham Kirchoff is one of my faves so far. Definitely a witchy vibe to it.

  5. The 70's is definitely blown it's way back into the fashion world :)I love all of these piccies, they're great =P

  6. Amazing!:-)

    Hope to see you on my blog again. I buy my new Canon camera this week, so look forward to a renewed "blondis" blog!
    au revoir.

  7. hi darling. im not tired of aw collections at all- so this post is very nice. thanks for sharing your favorites
    hope you're having a wonderful monday dear
    thanks for stopping by me

  8. I love the last outfit for Philosophy. Thank you for the lovely comments xx


  9. not a fan for the meadham kirchoff collection but in actual love with prada and philosophy <3 <3 ox

  10. love all these collections


  11. thank-you for the comment my lovely,
    mm tell me about it, i could look at him all day!
    i love this post, definitely admiring the pastels for summer <3 xxx

  12. i'm obsessed with the 60's inspired candy colored pieces, instant good mood!


  13. I really love this blog. You are so cute, and so are your outfits. + you have a great sense of fashion. Following right now!


  14. I saw Kirchhoff's collection and just knew you would like it :) haha x

  15. thanks so much for your comment great blog...great photos


  16. Those gifs are amazing, the lilac lace collar shirt is to die for!


  17. i love this post and what you've done to the pics is amazing!!!

  18. I am so in love with everything here!



  19. Thanks!

    i love the Philosophy collection, and the dye of your hair!


  20. Nice selection, love Prada!!!

    GIVEAWAY on my blog:

  21. About the image re-sizing, if you go to edit the HTML of your blog post, you can change the size of the image by making the width of it the same as the width of your main column. You can check this by going to the html code of your blog design, and finding "#main-wrapper". To make the height even, you can either play around with it to see what looks best or (as i did) find the ratio of the height/width and transfer it to the width of your column.

    I don't know if that makes any sense! Hope it works though :)


  22. Prada always a winner. Love how your images flash! x

  23. love Prada, great post!!! good work!!

    xx Marina


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