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Dolly Dare- Shop at Spitalfields 

Brick Lane

Brick Lane

Lunch at the Luxe with Relatives- cousin

Topshop Purchases 

Topshop Purchases 

Woah can you believe it's almost 2011?! Time has flown by. Anyhow, talking about the present. Christmas was a success, I carefully unwrapped the paper and...BAM a Panasonic Lumix G2 (Photos taken using that camera)- it's a God send ( especially at one point my parents were saying a massive no!). Not only that, but my family form America are over ( sounds cheesy, but hey it's Christmas). I'm in the process of showing them the fab trendy hotspots. Today we went to Brick lane, I bagged a leather and a pleated skirt (outfit post later). Plus followed by taking them to the obvious TOPSHOP OXFORD STREET. It was mayhem. Picture vultures scavenging for their pray- but the first in months. Topshop was a mirror image, one word- Sale. Though still it was a success, I managed to purchase the Black peter pan collar tunic , and leopard print skirt; all in the sale for half the price. Plus some acid wash shorts. The most clothing I have bought in yonks. I'm one happy bunny.

To top it up, the lovely Jessica from Couture Caramel (fab blog) did this fab drawing of me! Here it is:

Plus I'm so sorry, with the Christmas rush I haven't been able to reply to any comments in the last two posts. I'll do the best I can to reply to them, but on top of Christmas and New Year's traditions, I have GCSE's to revise for. So will try to reply to at least one of the posts, and definitely this one! Plus thanks for the emails, keep it up, I'll defo reply to them :)

Hope you had a fab Christmas and Happy New Year!

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21 Special Thoughts

  1. Aaaaah! I am so glad you received the camera for xmas, the pictures are amazing quality! Have you started revising for the tests already, jheez! I am getting worried...


    CAT x

  2. Glad you had a lovely Christmas. Can't wait to see the leather skirt, and that drawing is fabulous x

  3. Great shots :)



  4. oh, love your new clothes! <3

  5. beautiful photos! ahhh i was in oxford st topshop on boxing day and picked up the oh my love dress too but in mustard <3 didn't buy it though cos i didn't have enough money for everything i wanted :(

    Vintage Stop at www.vickileestyle.blogspot.com

  6. Was up in Brick Lane yesterday :) Saw that graffiti, with the scary letter box... Wouldn't dare to post anything there in fear for my hands
    It would be mine

  7. Ah, you got your camera! Fabulous pictures and I MUST go to Brick Lane... I cannot believe I still haven't!
    Love your purchases; I still need to get to the sales... This is an atrocity!
    Wow, I love that picture of you... what a talented artist they are!
    UO x

  8. Glad you had a good christmas! Love your Topshop purchases!

  9. you are so lucky you got that camera! i really love that dress, how much was it? that drawing is really cool :)

  10. That dress is AMAZING. I WANT IT SO BAD! From Topshop? I've never seen it before.Panda xo

  11. love the dress. and congrats for having camera as a christmas present :)

    p.s i'm your new follower :D

  12. Hello lovely,

    many thanks for your comment!
    I'm so excited!

    Your blog is great! your photos and texts just great .... Your blog inspired me.

    I follow your blog! Would be glad if you could follow my blog too! Many thanksssssssss!



  13. Love your sightseeing photos they are gicing me itchy feet!

    Hope you had a lovely xmas

  14. firstly, thank-you for the comment :]
    secondly, OH MY GOODNESS, i'm so jealous of your Topshop dress, i've been looking for ages to find a peter pan collared dress :[
    thirdly, i'm pretty sure i'm following you already, but if not i am now.
    and lastly, yaaaay your blogging again xx

  15. thanks for dropping by! your blog is amazing too! :) im already following :) wanna follow back? :D XXX


  16. wow cute place. i love the dolly dare shop :D i used adobe photoshop to edit my pics.

  17. Fabulous :)



  18. that black dress is lovely!! Happy New Year!:)

  19. sounds like all the best things rolled into one !! happy new year xx and that dress is beautiful

  20. cool blog! i enjoy reading it!
    i followed(: do you want to follow mine?

    X zoé - lightningfactory.blogspot.com -

  21. I love that dress. Looks like you had a really nice day.

    - Bryden



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