Deers come and go.


Today I had the most amazing day - pitching a tent in Richmond park to directing a photo shoot. Pictures will be up soon, hopefully tonight (probably not due to the land of homework). Plus I went to see Goldfrapp on Thursday, she was amazing, and her costumes were too! So keep a look out for the post ;).

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6 Special Thoughts

  1. WOW!!! cant wait for the pictures to comes out

  2. I love Richmond Park...The deers especially!

    CAT xx

  3. My friends went to see Goldfrapp on Thursday!
    Wooaahhh.. Hahaha ;)
    Can't wait to see the pictures x

  4. I adore richmond park, it's magical.
    amazing blog :)

  5. Aah I love Goldfrapp.. Have to go to see them one day, too !
    Amazing blog.. I'm following :D

  6. These photos are amazing. The makeup is sickkkk.


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