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Have you ever wanted to know if that 'amazing' review is actually true? If the product  does what it claims? Sample Trend offers just that- and really does do what it claims.

Sample Trend is the UK's first 'try before you buy', with it having launched in 2007 in other countries such as the wonderfully fashionable Harajuku notorious Japan to even Hungary. Giving customers the unique experience of deciding whether or not its a good product to purchase- for example, it simply just does not get any worse than buying a skincare product that instead makes your skin worse (we've all been there). So Sample Trend is the perfect convenience.

I was kindly invited to review the experience, and they are so lovely! The shop itself is spacious and everything is easy to select- whether it be beauty products, magazines, or even food! The stock changes weekly, if not monthly so you'll never have to worry about running out of products. Not only that, you end up choosing products you would never dreamed of choosing-i.e fake tan, most certainly not a tangoed type of gal' but worth a try for summer.

Oh, and you maybe thinking sample trend equals sample size. Sample trend equals full size. All you have to do is simply sign up here, and you can receive at least £300 worth of products a year! With already over 800 people signed up since the new opening in October 2011 in the heart of London in Goodge Street, it sure is trending. So what you waiting for? After all, it is a trend.

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