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Raw, kitsch and full of bling- Versace for H&M. Sounds perfect. I have been eagerly anticipating the collection for God knows how long, and finally we're in the month of the launch date (!!!!!). The collections consists of greek, oriental and harajuku inspired cuts, styles and prints. Whilst it still remains sophisticated yet quirky. Whether your looking for a black dress or the full Donatella shebang, it's there. Not only that, it's a fabulous investment, oriental prints were all over the SS12 catwalk (e.g Stall McCartney). However, I must admit the prices are still a bit steap-£99.99 for a dress. Anyhow, Starting to sound a bit too much like a sales person here, and currently falling asleep whilst typing. I've even managed to spill BLACK paint over my final art piece. Literally, I cannot stress how busy I have been with school..work,work, work! (Sorry for the badly written post, in a a bit of a stressy and exhausted state). So for now have a great week! Izzy xo

 All Images from Vogue

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  1. As much as I may want to, I doubt I'll be getting anything from this collection. I'm imagining that there will be a rush worse than the one on Target for Missoni, although maybe H&M will have their act together a little more than Target did. Even so, at that price it would have to be something really amazing and unique for me to even consider it. Yup, I'm cheap.

  2. there's a leather dress which i'm a huge fan of but i'm anticipating that the whole collection will fly off the shelves before i get to it :( x

  3. Ughhhh love all these pieces ! Especially that floral black jean jacket, SO cute x

  4. ahh there is so much to love about this post. All these colors are seriously delightfully inspiring me for this coming summer...

  5. oh gosh (about your art) that must be awful hope you feel lessed stressed listen to this happy song xxx

  6. Hey Love. In honor of my Birthday today I'm doing a major $150 gift card to my favorite jewelry designer's website. I hope you'll join. xo


  7. are you buying anything from versace for H&M ?

    i don´t really like the collection.

  8. •♣♪★♥ this is adorable!! •♣♪★♥


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