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Collection- Y-3 SS11 (Images via
Blouse-Gap, Blazer- Primark, Skirt- Car-boot Sale, Shoes-Thrifted
Excuse the rather ill look on my face...blurgh
Tartan, a timeless trend. It somehow pops up every season. Vivienne Westwood may come to mind with the punk era- or maybe plaid country heritage. So with that in mind, I went all out with tartan (I felt tempted to wear my tartan tights, but I think I would have got one look too many...maybe next time!) To contrast with the English heritage vibes, I decided to wear my 70's platform boots. I tend to clunk around in them considering they're a size too big, but it's worth it for the price of $5! Look forward to the next post, and the next- I've got them planned already (for once!)

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12 Special Thoughts

  1. i swear you're the cutest. i love everyone of your looks. they are so darling!
    and the plaid is so perfect for Fall!

    kaitlin xo

  2. Loving the clash of all the patterns/colours x

  3. Even though an outfit considering of all-the-same-print can be very.....much. You succeed one hundred percent!
    I think what makes the difference, is the different colors that the tartan pieces are. Green, on red, on a different red and a different green.
    I'm glad you didn't put on the tights as well, cause I think you're right when you say that might be one too many ;)
    Right now it's perfect. not too little. not too much.

    And you continue to surprice me by the fact that such a young girl (jaerh I'm only 13 so I shouldn't be talking XD haha), can know so much about the past runway shows, and talk about the trends as if you were a two-legged fashion magazine!<3

    ps. I've just started my first ever give away where you have the chance to win a earcuff from the danish brand called RebekkaRebekka (worth 57$), so if you're interested you can find it right here ^^


  4. I never fail to think of vivienne westwood when you say tartan.I just can;t seem to wear my tartan skirt it seems miles too big!

    ps.check out my giveaway x

  5. great photos- and looks- we love plaid and sheer stuff :) so cool
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit if you like <3

  6. love this collection! awesome outfit!

  7. love the double tartan! I have so much tartan and used to have the best ever red skirt, but it got too small for me...
    from your post below-hope you liked today's Downton! The costumes are always absolutely to die for, and the extremes of the plot never fail to disappoint. So glad I found your blog, it's brilliant x

  8. aaah the skirt looks so lovely on you :) and combined with the blazer it´s so pretty!

  9. I'm super glad i've discovered your blog! You really have a great style and i adore this outfit!! :)


  10. the shirt and blazer are lovely and the mix of patterns works really well :)


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