Many Brands always say that there's something you, and there really is something for you and everybody in the Alexander Wang SS12 Collection. I have been waiting impatiently for the SS12 shows for a good month now, and Alexander Wang as usual has been worth the wait. The show started with mesh, and bondage like pockets- and then progressed through techno flower prints to geometric prints to tribal like prints. Now you may be thinking it was a bit of a schizophrenic show, but there was logic and inspiration- Bikers (NASCAR, BMX, motocross). Each ride of progression represented different 'gang's, and in actual fact the tribal prints were maps of the stadium- clever stuff Mr Wang. The highlight tfor me was the bandannas...bandannas are back! The 90's has been a trend for a good half of the year, but the daring bandanna has been left out ( so seriously get your 90's claire's accessories bandannas out!) Plus I'm proud to say while writing this, I'm wearing a mesh like shirt! Blogging should be back to a normal pace now, as term has started. The comments will be disabled on this post, as i've got lots and lots of replying to do- but ooh out for a new post in the next few days! 

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