I just saw a Rainbow Rainbow.


Sorry for the lack of blogging; all will be back to the normal frequency when Shakespeare and ICT GCSE are out of my life. So a quick update (so comments are disabled) radiating those looooooooooong awaited Summer vibes. Emma Mulholland showed the 90's surf inspired collection at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week previously this year, capturing the eyes of many designers and editors- she's noted to be on the rise. Psychadelia updated to its best form yet-it's all just a bit of a kaleidoscopic dream. ( I'm noting some aboriginal embellishments too, maybe that's just because it's the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of 'Australia'...) With looks that reminisce of Miu Miu SS11 with the added twist of the 'oh- so-famous- grunge- trend',  there's just no going wrong. I think I could easily jump off that cliff in the photos in those garments, and be the happiest girl on the Earth. 

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